The Joy of Giving – Schoolbags in August 2017 – Open Hands

“Love comes down to actions, not words” Over the past couple of months, we have been working on trying to identify needs across the city and find ways to step in to help. Through the Open Hands project, we have been able to watch people experience the joy that comes with giving, as many stepped forward with a desire to serve. In the month of August, Little More Love collected over 35 schoolbags in Bangalore, for the amazing children at Jeevarathni Foundation. In Kochi, the team collected clothes and were able to donate them to the Abhaya Center, a home that […]


Volunteering in August 2017 – The Beautiful Ones

“And then I realized that to be more alive I had to less afraid, so I did. I lost my fear and gained my whole life” August was the season of soulful songs and jubilant joy in Bangalore! On 6th August 2017, Little More Love visited the Holy Spirit old age home, to do what we love to do, sing tunes and play games with these incredible people. We also had the blessed privilege of serving at The Choir of the Loaves and Fish concert at Holy Spirit old the home led by the amazing Pervin Verma to celebrate India 70th Independence Day through […]


Music, games, humble acts of service & so much more at old age homes and orphanages; what a month! The Beautiful Ones – July 2017

“Love, when you allow yourself to get close enough to it, will not resemble fear” July was a month of so many sweet moments and memories to cherish. We encountered so many beautiful souls who have left  an impact like never before. From visiting Lions Hope home, Nireekshana and Shishu Bhavan in Bangalore to St Catherine’s home and Little Sisters of the Poor in Bombay we met wonderful old  men and women and young children that captivated our hearts in these cities. This month was a reminder to stay soft – to stay soft regardless – to stay soft in […]


The Gift of Giving – Clothes, Toys & Bags in July – Open Hands

“Keep stepping out in the word and giving it everything you have” On 8th July 2017 and 16th July 2017, Little More Love donated clothes,  toys and bags to the Lions Hope Home , a home  which helps children who have been abandoned, orphaned or affected by poverty and societal violence. It was a tremendous joy to gift these beautiful ones things they needed and desired. We are so thankful to the kind strangers who bless them with exactly what they wish for and we look forward to going above and beyond in the months to come and meeting their needs in […]


Reach Out to Sunil’s Family – Lifeline

Over the past couple of months, we have tried to kickstart project Lifeline, as an initiative to help patients who are in need; and in the process, we have come to find so many people suffering in our cities, looking to be comforted, to be encouraged and to reach out to a helping hand. That hand could be yours today. This is Sunil, along with his family. Sunil is a young father of three children. His first two children were born genetically impaired. Recently, Sunil had to have one of his legs amputated. Left with few choices, his wife, Ramimma, […]


Distributing clothes at a Government hospital – Open Hands – June 2017

“Be the love that you preach, teach and seek” The General hospital in Kochi is a government run hospital which cares for the people in the city.  It comprises of the isolation ward which houses the old, poor and sick. This ward needed clothes for their patients and on 24th June 2017, Little More Love donated clothes for every man, women and child through the generosity of the people of Kochi. It’s so cool to see strangers loving other strangers and giving them a chance to feel they are loved and cared for. We want to keep spreading this love and helping […]


We’re making protein powder for children with cancer – Lifeline – June 2017

“Stand up. Take chances. Love deeply” This June 2017, Little More Love gathered together to make protein powder for children with cancer who don’t have the means to afford medical care and support. In the past few  months of spending time with these beautiful fiesty ones we knew we wanted to do so much more to brighten up  their day. This  is just a small beginning step but we are so excited to where it is leading us. We came together and made four bottles of protein powder and we intend to do much more.   The  best things in life don’t happen […]


The Beautiful Ones – Humble acts of service, music and games – June 2017

“The sweetest growth is when we grow in love” We are six months in of 2017! Time has whizzed by so fast and we are so grateful for what an adventure June was for Little More Love. On 18th June 2017, we went to Shishu Bhavan and washed clothes and dishes for the home and the following Monday on 26th June 2017, we visited Little sisters of the Poor and played housie and sang to our favourite seniors. We love our visits and each time we leave these places, feeling full and blessed and oh so very joyful. One of our biggest takeaways […]


These Fighters at the Cancer Hospital – Lifeline May 2017

“Fear has an expiration date. Love is untameable” On 7th May 2017, we had the joy of visiting these brave and courageous kids from Kidwai Kapur ward, Bangalore. All these beautiful ones are dealing with cancer. They are actively fighting it every single day. Figuring it out, learning about it, coping and fighting. Cancer is part of their story but no way is it the whole story. They are not their illness – it does not define them or possess them. Every moment with them is precious and unforgettable and they teach us more about joy and strength than anyone […]


The Gift of Giving – Open Hands in May 2017

“Extravagant love always finds a way to multiply itself” GIVING! A word that holds so much weight because it is an action of selflessness. This action is a reflex to some and to others we practice being intentional. No matter how you choose to give to those around you, the action is there, either by kind words, or filling a desperate need to whomever is the recipient. We’re so happy to see this coming together and see more and more needs being met every month. This month, we were able to gift a computer to the Balajothi Centre for the disabled in Bangalore, […]