Cleaning a hospital ward and more – Lifeline

“Love will always be massive vulnerability. When we close up and protect too much, we endup with nothing” In February, we visited the Kidwai Kanpur ward and met the beautiful ones that we have fallen head first in love with from the very beginning. We’ve seen God move and make miracles out of the darkest patches of their lives. Days with them are beautiful and rare- to see so many brave souls in one room, ready to live their life in joy and freedom. We also had the opportunity to visit the patients at the palliative ward at Kidwai hospital […]

Distributing blankets on the streets – January 2018

“Love will do whatever it takes to multiply itself” January was quite a chilly month in  Bangalore and Mumbai. Thanks to your  generosity, we were able to give over 200 blankets in Mumbai and Bangalore and share the warmth  to those living in the streets in Mumbai and at St Martha’s hospital, Bangalore. We love the unbridled joy on all those faces who received the blankets this season and it just reminded us that loving people involves loving those right in front of us. We can make the world better by participating, because we can take the focus off  ourselves for once […]

How 2018 began for us with The Beautiful Ones

“Don’t doubt the impact your small acts can have in a dark and crazy world. This world desperately needs them. Keep showing up and keep pressing” January 1st is one of our favorite days of the year. It probably seems silly but there’s something beautiful about everyone looking back on the year past and thinking forward to a new year. This year we have no resolutions. We just want to continue love people better, pray harder and be kinder. We served at Shishu Mandir, a school and Shishu Bhavan, a home for children with physical and mental disabilities, in January and we had the best […]

Feliz Navidad 2017 – Spreading Joy in Hospitals & Homes

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices…” This Christmas, we were filled with wonder and touched by peace. From carol singing at different homes and hospitals, to carols at the wonderful Liza’s Home and Jyoti Seva school for the blind, this month has been oh so special to us. There are people who feel so heartbroken, they aren’t sure if they will be able ot handle the season this year and if you keep your eyes wide open, then you won’t miss the ones that need your touch – your love. We need to show up and not let an inch of our […]

Visiting and sharing with these amazing children at Kidwai Hospital – Lifeline

“Most of our choices are driven either by love or fear. Figure out who’s doing the talking, then decide what you’ll do” Some have November blues, we come to spread some November cheer! On 25th November 2017 , Little More Love visited the Kidwai Kapur ward to spend time with the most special kids here on earth. These kids are amazing, brave and tender hearted and we can never ever stop marveling at each of them. Even with facing such difficult and tragic circumstances so early on in their lives, yet they are a lightning bolt of energy, love and […]

So much joy with The Beautiful Ones in Bangalore

“The best present you can give those you love is to be present” October 2017 was busy month for Little More Love and how we loved it! From having reading activities at Shishu Mandir to playing games at Shishu Bhavan and Sneha care, our Saturdays were full of joy, joy and did we say….. JOY! It was our very first visit to Sneha care, a home for HIV infected children and we had a sweet, memorable time engaging with these firecrackers. These kids are a force to be reckoned with and in spite of all their harsh circumstances, they continue […]

Raising Funds for Project Lifeline at KIMS, Bangalore

“Love is the only thing that holds and it must call us deeper than what we thought we were capable of giving” On 25th September 2017,  Little More Love hosted a games stall to raise funds  for our Lifeline project at KIMS (Kemegowda Institute of Medical Sciences), Bangalore. For those who need a reminder, Lifeline is our initiative to help patients who are in need;  those suffering in our cities, looking to be comforted, to be encouraged. Through this project, we wish to reach out and be a helping hand for those who have nowhere to turn. Hosting this at KIMS […]

Serving and Teaching in Bangalore – September 2017

“Kindness is just love without the makeup, It’s just the basics. It’s just the starting point.” September 2017 was such a joyful and memorable month for Little More Love. We were able to serve at Shishu Mandir, Shishu Bhavan and the Little Sisters of the Poor old age home in Bangalore.  These homes are such an inspiration to us and its privilege and a blessing for us to able to be part of something beautiful with them. Spending time with these wonderful people are a constant reminder to us to pay attention to things that really matter – to realize it’s […]

The Joy of Giving – Schoolbags in August 2017 – Open Hands

“Love comes down to actions, not words” Over the past couple of months, we have been working on trying to identify needs across the city and find ways to step in to help. Through the Open Hands project, we have been able to watch people experience the joy that comes with giving, as many stepped forward with a desire to serve. In the month of August, Little More Love collected over 35 schoolbags in Bangalore, for the amazing children at Jeevarathni Foundation. In Kochi, the team collected clothes and were able to donate them to the Abhaya Center, a home that […]

Volunteering in August 2017 – The Beautiful Ones

“And then I realized that to be more alive I had to less afraid, so I did. I lost my fear and gained my whole life” August was the season of soulful songs and jubilant joy in Bangalore! On 6th August 2017, Little More Love visited the Holy Spirit old age home, to do what we love to do, sing tunes and play games with these incredible people. We also had the blessed privilege of serving at The Choir of the Loaves and Fish concert at Holy Spirit old the home led by the amazing Pervin Verma to celebrate India 70th Independence Day through […]